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[Tip] Mix And Blend Broths Like A Pro

Many customers have asked whether it's advisable to mix and blend our various broths. We say YES! Here's why...

Some of the world's best wines, cocktails and whiskies are a blend of complementary ingredients. The pros do this to create a breakout flavor that can't be achieved by any single element. The same is true for broths. It's the simple rule of synergy: 1 + 1 = More Awesome. Here are some of our best tips & ideas so you can create your own favorite blends. Start with a 1:1 ratio and adjust until you like it.

  1. Organic Chicken + Ultra Umami Vegetable = Probably the most versatile blend that can be used for almost any recipe. The vegetable broth brings natural sweetness and depth to the full flavor of chicken. Examples: Simple chicken soup | Chicken Pho | Fish ball tanghoon soup | Paella or Arroz Caldoso | Classic chicken congee.

  2. Ultra Umami Vegetable + Wild Caught Fish = A great way to balance the flavor of fish broth. Some people prefer a milder fish broth, and mixing vegetable (or chicken) broth does the trick every time. Examples: Fish congee | Seafood rice noodles stewed in broth | Fisherman's pie.

  3. Organic Beef + Ultra Umami Vegetable = Achieves a less beefy but equally concentrated broth that lends itself to East and West recipes. Examples: Beef Pho | Oxtail soup | Beef hotpot | Texas beef chilli.

We hope these ideas are helpful. Now go forth and blend to your heart's content!

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