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[Recipe] Can you say Pao Fan?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Pao fan is Teo Chew style soupy rice. Not to be confused with congee, Pao fan is an amazing way to combine cooked rice, MGK broth and ingredients of your choice into something great for kids and everyone else because you can tune and improvise according to your family's preferences.

Recipe for Pao fan in 3 easy steps (this is for a one person serving, scale accordingly):

  1. Choose your broth. Organic Chicken, Tonkotsu and Ultra Umami are all great choices, or mix them together to create something new. Boil 300 ml (half a pouch) on high heat in a pot. Once broth boils, add approx one cup of cooked rice. It can be leftover rice in the fridge or freshly cooked. Even fried rice works well!

  2. Now add the ingredients you want into the pot. In this photo I've used some roast duck I had available. Another simple version would be 2 tablespoons of minced pork, a quarter cup of tofu, one scrambled egg. But you can also use fresh prawns, fish meat, fish cake, and any vegetables that are chopped into small pieces so they cook quickly. Put everything into the pot, reduce to low heat and simmer for 3mins. Don't forget to add the seasonings you like. We recommend sea salt, ground pepper, sesame oil.

  3. The goal is to serve it while the rice grains are still whole and not yet breaking down into the gluey-ness of congee. Top it off with fried garlic (and chopped green onions and cilantro if you like). Enjoy!

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