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[Recipe] MGK Broth In Fishball Soup: Classic Local Comfort

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Featuring Organic Chicken, Tonkotsu and Ultra Umami broths

We all know what a good bowl of fishball soup feels like. For me it's memories of rainy day comfort, too hot to sip but can't stop myself, scalded my tongue but who cares. Looks mild yet oh so much complexity in the mouth.

To make two bowls of fishball soup, start by heating 500ml of MadeGood Kitchen bone broth in a small pot on low heat (for this dish, our Chicken, Tonkotsu and Vegetarian broths are all good choices). Quickly chop a sprig of spring onions and cilantro (or chinese celery) and leave aside. Gently drop your choice of fishballs, fishcake (or yong tau foo if you're feeling fancy) into the broth, increasing the heat until it begins to boil, then shut off the heat. Add salt or fish sauce to taste, followed by all the chopped cilantro and spring onions (I use a LOT of aromatics, as you can see in this picture). You're ready! Serve into bowls. For me, I like to sprinkle in some fried shallots or fried garlic, and maybe a twist of pepper or chili padi. Enjoy!

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