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[Recipe: Great for kids] Savory Steamed Egg Custard

There's a version of this dish almost everywhere in Asia. It's chawanmushi in Japan, khai toon in Thailand, gyeranjjim in Korea, and plain old steamed eggs in China. A rose by any other name...

  1. In a heat-resistant bowl, combine 2 eggs, 1 tbsp minced pork, 1 cup of MGK chicken broth, half tsp soy sauce, half tsp sesame oil and a pinch of salt. Scramble everything with a fork until minced pork is distributed evenly in the mixture.

  2. Place the bowl into a steamer (a wok works too if you use the steaming pedestal and lid). Cover and steam on low to medium heat for 7-10 mins.

  3. Check the custard by lifting and gently jiggling the bowl. If the center of the custard is still liquid, steam again for 2 mins.

  4. Once the center looks soft but firm, let it cool for 3 mins. Enjoy!

You can choose to omit the minced pork completely or use minced chicken/mushrooms/seafood.

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