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[Recipe] Asari Gohan - Japanese Clam Rice

Fresh live sweet clams and Japanese rice. Easy and perfect every time, in just 30 mins!

Ingredients: 1 kg live clams of any size | 2 cups Japanese rice | 1 cup MGK organic chicken or vegetable broth | 1/2 cup Chinese parsley, destemmed | 2cm ginger, shredded | Optional sake.

  1. After soaking the clams and rice in water (separately, not together) for about 20 mins, steam the clams with the ginger and optional sake until clams are open.

  2. Collect the clam juice that has accumulated after steaming (should be approx 1 cup), and top up enough MGK broth to achieve a total of 2 cups.

  3. Drain the rice from the water it's been soaked in. Place it in the rice cooker, adding the 2 cups of clam broth before cooking. While rice is cooking, separate the clam meat from the shells. Once rice is ready, scoop everything into a large serving dish. Cover the top of the rice with a layer of clams and garnish with the Chinese parsley leaves.


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