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[Recipe] Tom Kha Gai

What happens when Roast Chicken meets Thai Tom Yum? Kaboom.

This dish is flexible and fancy at the same time. You first need half a roast chicken (leftovers are even better), which can be bought or homemade.

  1. Cut the chicken into pieces according to your liking.

  2. In a pot, heat 600ml (1 pouch) of MGK broth (any flavor you like) over medium heat. Then add 2-3 tbsp of tom yum paste (any brand of your choice). Stir until it completely dissolves into the broth. Now add the roast chicken pieces.

  3. Add 1-2 stalks of lemongrass, 1 cut tomato, and juice from 1 lime. As an option you can also add 100ml of coconut milk to make a creamy tom yum. Simmer for 10 mins.

Taste for flavor and add fish sauce to your liking. Enjoy!

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