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[Recipe] Your fave instant noodles + MGK broth = Magic

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Featuring Organic Chicken, Tonkotsu and Ultra Umami

Do you see the guy in this photo? The cool dude slurping a cup noodle with cherry blossoms behind him? That's not me, but I want to be that guy. This post is dedicated to all cup-noodle-slurping cool people.

Yes I'm not too proud to admit I love instant noodles. Even the bad ones I had during college somehow seemed appropriate for that season of my life. And now, well my love for these instant wonders still beats strong. So how do you make something so convenient and delicious taste even better and, dare I say, even nutritious?

  1. Heat 300ml of MGK broth until it comes to a gentle boil.

  2. Choose your favorite cup noodle. Pour in hot MGK broth. Don't forget the flavor packet!

  3. Enjoy! The instant noodles will soak up the amazing broth. Life is better.

Pro Tip: If you're old school and prefer having instant noodles from a packet and cook it in a pot, that's cool too. Simply use MGK broth instead of water!

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